NIKKOR Z 85mm f/1.8 S

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Un objectif portrait polyvalent et artistique basé sur les innovations des appareils Nikon Z avec les fonctionnalités avancées des objectifs de la gamme S. Avec une résolution impressionnante, des perspectives maîtrisées, des yeux d’une netteté inégalée et un effet bokeh envoûtant, cet objectif est indispensable pour les portraits, les plans rapprochés, la photographie de mode et les vidéos d’entrevue.
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  • 5

    Wonderful lens

    Posté par MDHodges le 29 février 2020

    Amazing lens. It balances well on the Z bodies; it´s fast, quiet, and super sharp. You can maintain a low profile and still get superior images. Most 1.4 lenses call attention to themselves, this lens may not be attention-grabbing, but the images are.

  • 5

    Very Nice

    Posté par plmossjr le 26 février 2020

    This is my first 85mm prime lens. I have the 35 and the 50 F1.8 Z mount lenses. I also have the 50mm F1.8 and 105mm F2.8 F mount lenses. I really like the rich colors and bokeh that I get with this lens. Images are sharp. Works well in low light with my Z7. I am pleased with this purchase.

    Attached are two images. The Original is too big to upload here. Good detail retained from Original to medium to small crops sizes.

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    Nikkor 85 1.8 S - my Favorite

    Posté par Danno1602 le 25 février 2020

    I love this lens. It is a wonderful lens even wide open. The bokeh is wonderful. The lens is quick to focus and that focus is silent or nearly so. I have used the F mount 85 1.8 and 1.4 both and I prefer the S lens results.

  • 5

    Z85 mm lens is a winner

    Posté par Boomer215 le 25 février 2020

    Sharp crisp pictures from a fast, lightweight lens. Even though the Nikon adapter gives me the option of using my f mount85 mm len with my Z7, this lens is far superior

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    Hits way above what is expected of a 85 1.8.

    Posté par Richiero le 25 février 2020

    Extremely sharp, great bokeh, overall beautiful rendering. AF very quiet, faster than 1.8g counterpart.

  • 5

    Light weight and great!

    Posté par JasonC le 25 février 2020

    So far so great. The lens produces nice sharp colorful images but my favorite thing about it is how light weight it is.

  • 5

    85mm 1.8 Sline

    Posté par JacksShutterbug le 25 février 2020

    Great lens. Sharp corner to corner. Very fast and excellent focusing. Very nice bouque.

  • 5


    Posté par Godric le 25 février 2020

    I have been shooting for a week, mostly testing g the new firmware update (3.0) but simply, fast focus, extremely sharp, beautiful colors, light, balanced well for long shots. Simply amazing in all aspects. My only complaint, would be I dont have its f1.2 counterpart

  • 5

    Best 85mm I´ve ever owned!

    Posté par fromshadowlands le 25 février 2020

    I purchased this 85mm to be the portrait lens for my Z6. It´s stunning with portraits! Amazing, honestly. This lens will be with me for years. I´ve shot indoor sports at F1.8 several times and even outdoor sports in DX mode. Can´t complain about anything. It´s silent. It´s sharp, even wide open.