AF-S VR Micro-NIKKOR 105mm f/2.8G IF-ED

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Ce téléobjectif micro de taille moyenne est idéal pour la macro et le portrait avec ses distances de travail réduites et un autofocus allant de l’infini au rapport 1:1 (taille réelle).
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  • 5

    Amazingly Sharp

    Posté par TurnerPhotos le 25 février 2020

    I have been using the 105mm VR Macro for about 2 years now. I have used it on my D750 and now also my Z6. I have found myself using this amazing lens more and more often, and I am even using it for portraits in conjunction with my 24-70 f/2.8 VR. You are able to get extremely close to a subject and capture detailed, sharp, amazing images. You are even able to use it as a day-to-day lens depending on what you like to shoot!

    I couldn´t recommend this lens any higher.

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    Fantastic lens

    Posté par SK7735 le 12 février 2020

    i have bought this lens August 2019. It works great with my nikon d80ee and d500. The results are stunning. I used for portraits and macro shots. The details in the images awesome. If you shoot candid and portraits u must have this in your armory. it wont let you down.

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    Great lens

    Posté par DonFykes le 1er février 2020

    I´ve had this lens over a year. I highly recommend it!

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    Great on flowers and close ups

    Posté par Hana le 6 décembre 2019

    I paired this lens with my D850, love the colours and details. Beautiful bokeh, esp. with flowers in a full daylight. I also enjoy the versatility of switching from macro to infinity, fun. Considering, this is an older generation lens, works superb. Also used for portraits,if set up properly, they come up pretty decent, however, I prefer other primes for portraits. The bugs were taken in a moving frenzy, VR was necessary. I will give it 4.5 for its heavier weight.

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    Works awesome paired with my D850

    Posté par Magi le 31 octobre 2019

    I do alot of macro photography and this lens paired with the D850 is killer. I use 4 monitors and I can stretch the image over the 4 with out losing any detail. I´m stretching it out over 8ft. of monitors.

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    This lens makes me look good!

    Posté par drjim le 21 juillet 2018

    I have used this lens for about a year, and it has become my main lens. It is ideal for portraits, and can´t be beat for macro work.

    I thought long and hard between this and the 60 macro. I didn´t want to be right on top of my work to take a picture, so opted for this lens. I couldn´t be happier.

    At times, it does hunt a bit for the focus, but it is only in macro shots, which are often on a tripod. Even so, it does pretty darn well for hand-held macro shots as well. It is just a great lens!

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    A Marvelous Micro Lens

    Posté par cianbl le 4 juillet 2018

    I have had this lens for over a year now, and I have shot many photos of bugs, butterflies, flowers, lizards, and even portraits on my D610. My pics are super sharp and the colors are vibrant and beautiful. The auto focus does a good job and is usually right on target. I am beyond happy with this lens.

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    Awesome lens!!

    Posté par BRWhitmire le 13 juin 2018

    I´ve only had it for a day, but so far it´s one of the sharpest lenses I´ve ever had. First, I set it up on this begonia, with a medium extension tube. With my D850, I made 24 exposures at f/11 at 4 seconds, and focus stacked will take a little getting used to, but when it was sharp, it was sharp, sharp! Did you know that begonias have little tiny fish scales, SHARP! I had an 85mm PC micro from a couple generations ago, this is about twice as sharp!! I´m looking at my image all put together in Photoshop, at 200% and it still looks great! I´m going to really enjoy having this in my bag!!

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    If you shoot macro get this lens.

    Posté par MLCphotog le 10 mars 2018

    One of my favorites, great for macro and more. The close minimum focus distance is amazing and gives beautiful close up results, the bokeh is really nice. I´ve printed several photos taken with this lens and they look great. This lens is always in my bag.